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For more information about Elite Team and our Dance Company and Competition team, please contact our competition director here.

I.D.A. Dance Company

Some of our Elite Team dancers are also invited to our I.D.A dance company. I.D.A company dancers must have strong performance skills and technique. Our I.D.A company will perform in our annual dance concert, local parades and charity & community events.

I.D.A Elite Competition Team

IDA Dance Company of Clermont I.D.A Elite consists of dancers from ages 5 up to college level. Dancers must be in Elite Team and a part of our I.D.A Dance Company to be considered for the Competition Team. Participation within our competition team requires dedication and willingness to be involved on a higher level within the dance studio. Competition team dancers are required to take a minimum of 5 classes a week but most take 7-10. I.D.A Elite dancers can expect to rehearse 4-10 hours per week. Sunday is family time therefore no rehearsals are scheduled on Sundays. Dancers are also required to attend a certain amount of conventions/workshops/master classes throughout the year.

The I.D.A Elite Competition team offers intense technical training, award winning choreography, conditioning, and personal attention from highly experienced & dedicated instructors. While the focus is on giving students the ability to dance at a competitive level, they also learn valuable lessons and qualities that benefit them outside of the dance world, including self-discipline, responsibility, respect, time management and self expression. There's a great feeling of accomplishment by doing quality work. Teamwork encourages strong social contacts/friendships, which can last a lifetime. Competition dancers/families develop bonds among them that are unlike any other.

Watching competition routines unfold throughout the year is a fascinating process. These dancers develop a strong work ethic and take that work ethic with them into adulthood. Their commitment to the art of dance is evident by their motivation to sacrifice many outside activities for anywhere between 10-15 hours of dance training/rehearsal time per week. Their hard work pays off with countless awards received at both regional and national competitions throughout the year. The I.D.A Elite Competition team has received numerous Top medals, Overall awards and Special Judge's awards for Most Entertaining, Outstanding Technique & Music Timing, Best Precision, Best Technique, and Most Energetic. Judges have also recognized how well-rounded our dancers are by bringing so many different styles/genres to the stage. Several dancers from our competition team have been awarded with titles, scholarships, photogenic awards and excellence awards. The I.D.A Elite Competition team choreographers have also been recognized with Top Overall Choreography awards.

For more information about Elite Team and our Dance Company and Competition team, please contact our competition director here.

Clermont Competition Dance Team
Clermont Dance Team