Inspiration Dance Academy Registration

Step 1: Complete Studio Policies Agreement
Step 2: Confirm Studio Policies Agreement
(You will need to print a copy for your records.)
Step 3: Complete Student Registration (This is where you will add your dancers, select classes, and enter payment information.)

Registration is not complete until all forms are completed and the Registration Fee and 1st month's tuition have been paid. All registration fee's and tuition are non-refundable.

Step 1: Complete Studio Policies Agreement

Account (Parent's) Last Name:

Account (Parent's) First Name:

Home Phone Number:


Student #1 Name (First and Last):

Student #2 Name (First and Last):

Student #3 Name (First and Last):

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Registration Fee: A yearly registration fee is due at the time of registration. This fee is non-refundable and covers membership set up.

I understand and authorize Inspiration Dance Academy to automatically charge my registration fee ($45 for the 1st student, $30 for the second, and $75 for families of 3 or more) in the amount of $.

Monthly Tuition: Tuition is calculated on a yearly basis. Cash/checks will not be accepted for monthly tuition payments. We offer a $5 discount off monthly tuition total for families with 2 or more dancers.

I understand and authorize Inspiration Dance Academy to automatically charge my total monthly tuition installment on the 14th of every month. Automatic tuition charges (with a debit/credit card) will begin on August 14th 2023, and the final tuition payment will be due on May 14th 2024. Inspiration Dance Academy will notify me once by email if funds cannot be obtained. Payment must be received within 30 days or classes will be dropped. Tuition is NOT waived if a student is absent.

Studio Policies: I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Studio Policies and agree to abide by them. View Studio Policies

Dance Attire Code: I agree that my student will be dressed in proper attire, including hair & shoes, in order to participate in class. View Required Dance Attire

Costumes: Students are measured in early November for the costumes they will wear in our annual dance concert. Any student who chooses not to participate in the dance concert will need to inform our office prior to October 5. The total amount for dance concert costume fees will be paid in two installments on October 5 and December 5.

I authorize Inspiration Dance Academy to charge my credit/debit card on file the 50% dance concert costume fee on October 5, and the remaining balance on December 5.

All dance concert costume fee's are NON REFUNDABLE after December 1. I understand that a $11 fee per costume will be accessed for students who do not pay balance by December 1.

Photo Release: I understand and agree that Inspiration Dance Academy reserves the right to use videos and photos taken during class, performance or any other affiliated event for the purpose of instruction or advertising. Students or parents of dancers who are minors who do not wish to comply with this policy need to turn in a written letter to our office at the time of registration. All pictures are family friendly.

Choreography: All dances are choreographed by Inspiration Dance Academy and its choreographers and are property of this studio. All routines of Inspiration Dance Academy are not allowed to be performed or posted on social media without written consent from studio owner.


Inspiration Dance Academy has taken certain steps to implement the recommended guidance and protocols issued by the Public Health Agencies for slowing the transmission of COVID-19, including, without limitation, the participation/ attendance restrictions set forth. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that Inspiration Dance Academy may revise its procedures at any time based on updated recommended guidance and protocols issued by the Public Health Agencies and further agrees to comply with Inspiration Dance Academy revised procedures prior to participating or attending any events or activities of Inspiration Dance Academy. The undersigned further acknowledges that, due to the nature of events offered by Inspiration Dance Academy, social distancing of 6 feet per person among children and others in a dance room setting may not always be possible. The undersigned fully understands and appreciates both the known and potential dangers of participating or attending events and activities of Inspiration Dance Academy and acknowledges that participation or attendance thereof by the undersigned and/or such participating children may, despite Inspiration Dance Academy's reasonable efforts to mitigate such dangers, result in exposure to COVID-19, which could result in quarantine requirements, serious illness, disability, and/or death.

Acknowledgment of Risk: I and/or my child/ward acknowledge and understand that dancing and dancing-related activities involve some risks which include, but are not limited to: sprained or broken bones or joints, sprained or torn muscles, contusions, injuries resulting from slipping and falling, injuries resulting from fatigue or dizziness, and injuries resulting from contact with other participants or instructors.

Assumption of Risk: I understand and agree that participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal, or performance, there is a possibility of physical injury or death. I voluntarily agree, therefore, to assume all risks and responsibility for any such injury or accident, which might occur to me or my child during any Inspiration Dance Academy classes, rehearsals, performances, or activities. I also exempt, release and indemnify Inspiration Dance Academy its owners, agents, volunteers, assistants, employees, guest teachers, faculty members, and/or students from any and all liability claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever from any damage, loss, injury, or death to me, my children, or property which may arise out of or in connection with participation in any classes or activities conducted by Inspiration Dance Academy. I further hereby voluntarily agree to waive my rights and that of my heirs and assigns to hold Inspiration Dance Academy, its owners, agents, volunteers, assistants, employees, guest teachers, faculty members, and/or students liable for such damage, loss, injury, or death.

If I or any one of them attempt to bring any claim against the Releasees I or they will be responsible for all defense costs (including but not limited to attorneys and paralegal fees) incurred by the Releasees.

If I am signing this waiver for my children, I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian and have the right to waive these rights.

By clicking on submit, I agree to the terms and conditions above.


Click "submit" to confirm registration information and proceed to Step 2: Confirmation.

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