"My daughter just finished her 5th year at this studio and we couldn't be happier with how everything is run. We started with Mommy and Me class when she was 1, and ever since then we have felt like we have gained a new family. The teachers are SO supportive of the dancers and do their absolute best to make sure the dancers are not only learning technique but also growing their hearts. We will forever be at IDA!"Erin Sustek
"Inspiration Dance Academy is exceptional!! My daughter has danced at Inspiration Dance Academy for the past six years and we absolutely love it here. The instructors here are encouraging and invested in the students. My daughter is pushed to be a better dancer, and I'm amazed by her growth in various genres of dance. There is a feeling of family at IDA and I enjoy the kind and caring atmosphere. I highly recommend this studio. "Summer Spencer
"We joined IDA in September 2022 after my daughter tried the Wednesday Hip Hop and Jazz drop in classes. On the way home she talked nonstop about how much fun she had and the technique she learned in class. We have watched both of our daughters grow so much since becoming part of the IDA family. The love and care our daughters both receive from all of the teachers at IDA is genuine and pure. We can't wait to see them continue to grow and excel. We recommend IDA 100%!!"Shana Dowdy
"IDA is a wonderful dance studio. I was a dancer and dance teacher and found a hard time finding a studio with good technique and a SOLID FOUNDATION for dance here in the Orlando area that also treats the children and parents with respect. You wouldn't think this would be hard to find, but it sure is around here. After a ton of research, I was lucky to find this studio for my daughter who is a competitive dancer. We are happy to drive 40 minutes to and from the studio, from our home, 5-6 days a week. The love these teachers have shown my daughter and the growth she has had over the past year is amazing. She has gained back her confidence and her love for dance, after a bad experience elsewhere. We feel like we won the lottery finding this studio!"Brenda Serridge
"Why just like what you do when you can LOVE it. The team of instructors at Inspiration Dance Academy have the upmost knowledge of technique, form, and style to teach a person to become a good dancer, and overall help children grow into beautiful human beings. They offer a wide range of classes from Mommy and Me to Competitive training. We are so blessed to be a part of the IDA family. My 4 and 9 year old love dance days and I love the passion they grow! Bring your kiddos here!!"Amber Raney
"If you're looking for a dance studio for your kids this place is it! Best studio in Central Florida! Best teachers and an owner that is taking all precautions. My two girls dance at IDA and they call it their second home!"Gillian Violette
"My daughter and I did the Mommy and Me (Toddler Dance) class and it was just the best. She learned so much and rhythm too. She just loves this place. Great staff, really friendly people."Sophia G
"The best studio! This August starts my daughters third year of dancing and IDA has been there for her since the beginning. The love and support they show my daughter is unbelievable! My daughter started in Foundations and is now on the Elite Team and dancing competitively. I wouldn't take her to any other studio! Thank you, Ms. Tracy! "Jessica Rosell
"If you are looking for professionalism, cleanliness, organization and the best technical dance instruction for your child, look no further. This studio is top notch with a strong focus on ballet and technique to help your child thrive and be challenged. Hands down this studio has the best dance instructors in town! We are so grateful and blessed to have become part of this welcoming, talented dance family. "Amy Sorensen
"I highly recommend I.D.A and Tracy Clark for your child's dance education. As my friend and former employee, Tracy Clark possesses the qualities parents most desire in a dance teacher. She is loyal, dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about the art of dance. Tracy has a sincere love for others that shows in her teaching style. She understands how to progress and develop students to their full potential while keeping her classroom fun and energetic. Her handpicked staff is a reflection of her own dedication to dance. Under Tracy's direction, the IDA teaching staff will continue to carry on her vision for dance excellence. "Jamie Theriot
"Owning a dance competition company, Cathy Roe's Ultimate Dance, I am witness to thousands of dance teachers/choreographers across the nation. I can say without a doubt that Tracy Clark is one of the finest dance educators in the dance industry. What Tracy brings to our events always gains the respect of not only our judges, but of everyone who attends. Her students are brilliantly trained technicians, her choreography is fresh and innovative and her relationship with her studio's parents and staff is exemplary. But out of all this, what stands out the most is her ability to unite her dancers in to one family that feels the love and support of a true leader who teaches much, much more than dance. "Cathy Roe
"Inspiration Dance Academy produces some of the finest dancers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only are they extremely technically strong, but they teach their dancers how to be quality, professional performers and entertainers. Most importantly, they cultivate and nurture their dancers, enhancing each student’s self-esteem, confidence and character. IDA is a family-friendly environment that focuses on wholesome, uplifting, age-appropriate material. Tracy is detail-oriented and gives everything her full attention, from costumes to choreography. She genuinely cares about the quality of her work and the happiness of her dancers. These dancers are driven, and strong in skill, as well as character. IDA is dedicated to the highest teaching standards of artistic and educational excellence, providing quality dance instruction. These dancers do a lot of winning, but the reality is, this place is about so much more than that! The winning is just the lovely icing on the cake!!! "Sherilyn Foley
"From dancing since I was the age of four to where I am now, Ms. Tracy Clark and Ms. Jamie Theriot have been nothing but role models for me and the rest of my team. Moving to Ohio and going to Kent State University to get my BFA in Dance has been an amazing experience and Ms. Jamie and Ms. Tracy have been nothing but supportive. They have always treated their dancers as if they were their own children, with care and nothing but love. They shape the best well-rounded dancers and show young dancers that hard work and dedication will always pay off. Ms. Tracy and Ms. Jamie continue to inspire young generations of dancers and choreographers. Thank you for your guidance and help opening so many doors into the dance world. I appreciate you all more than you'll ever know."Olivia Hulsey
"Leadership, Success, Education, Strength, Family, Love are just the few of many concepts that Ms Tracy and Ms Jamie have embodied and valued through the years. I've been a student for more than 15 years, a dancer for more than 10 years, and a professional for more than 5 and I've never met a more inspirational, passionate, and caring set of teachers. There are key ingredients of fortitude and resilience in the recipe for success to effectively manage, create and grow with a team. This is not only a talent that's owned by those who are the best in what they do, but also by those who have a true passion for their students' personal and professional development. The incredible pathway that was created for me to not only grow as a dancer, but also as a person is irreplaceable and today has given me such a versatile skill set. I'd like to take a moment to truly thank Ms Tracy for the overwhelming amount of knowledge she's given me through the years to appreciate the foundational structure of dance. She's been able to push me to an unknowingly high potential and she watched me go from my first pair of Jazz shoes to winning an International Dance Championship with a team that quickly became my family. I've gained so many opportunities from my experiences as a dancer and to have Ms Tracy as a mentor, a confidant, and one of the most inspirational people in my life, has been a true honor. Love you always!"Dhrushti Desai
"My daughter has spent several years under the guidance and teaching of Ms Tracy Clark and her passion & dedication to her students has unsurpassed our expectations. Not only is IDA a place where you can bring your child to learn the art of Dance, it's also an education and something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. It's a second home to us all. We are so Blessed to be part of her legacy and look forward to many years to come with her on this amazing journey . I'm so excited to continue watching her outstanding and award winning talent shine through each and everyone of her students."Mia Francis
"If you are searching for a place where your child can learn and discover new abilities, create long term friendships and life long bonds and more importantly develop hidden skills, the Inspiration Dance Academy will provide a wonderful environment and opportunity for them to expand their talents and celebrate their achievements. Our daughter has been dancing for over 11 years with Tracy Clark. With Tracy's instruction, guidance and tutelage our daughter has grown as a dancer in various genres such as Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater and Acro. For over 10 years our daughter has found success and discovered a love of performing as a competition dancer under the direction of Tracy Clark. Tracy's devotion to dance, her students and instruction is apparent in all that she strives to accomplish. Tracy's direct support and encouragement combined with her long hours and personal commitment allows her to further develop your dancers potential to help them reach their goals. Tracy will assist your dancer in developing their confidence both personally and as a dancer. You will not find a more dedicated instructor for your student. Tracy is an inspiration to her dancers as a personal champion as well as a talented choreographer. Tracy believes in her students and has become their foundation and strength for them while encouraging them to become motivated leaders and to rise up to any challenge. Countless awards and recognition have been accumulated under Tracy's leadership not only during competition seasons but throughout the community during special events and parade performances. We are confident in Tracy's abilities and would not trust our daughter's dance instruction to anyone else. We believe Tracy and her staff will always have the best intentions for our daughter and we highly recommend Tracy Clark and all those working to create an inspirational environment at the Inspiration Dance Academy for your dancer."Stephanie Spahn
"I am writing this on behalf of Tracy Clark. I met Tracy about 5 years ago. I am an Emcee and Judge for Cathy Roe's Ultimate Dance. I was always so incredibly impressed by the caliber of Dancers and Choreography that Tracy Clark and Jamie Theriot brought to the National Competition. Over the years I have become friends with Tracy and Jamie and also taught MasterClasses for their Summer Intensives. I have watched the students that train under Tracy and Jamie grow and flourish over the years. Their technique is impeccable and their Joy of Dance so very evident. The atmosphere at their school is Joyful and Encouraging. They train hard - take their training very seriously. But also have great admiration for each other. Tracy's now the owner of Inspiration Dance Academy and the name of her school is so very fitting. She is an inspiration!!"Jennifer Ladner
"I have two daughters who are now 17 and 20. They started their dance journey with Tracy Clark at the age of 4 and 7. The journey has not only taught them the technique of several dance genres but also has given them a strong sense of self, respect for others and their talents, confidence in all aspects of their lives, team work, time management and an overall love of the art of dance. She is not only their dance teacher and mentor, she has become such a huge part of their lives and why we truly believe they are as successful as they are! She has truly been a blessing for our family and we could not imagine our dance lives without her! "Karen Pena
"I've spent fifteen years of my life dancing under the guidance and training of Miss Tracy Clark and Miss Jamie Theriot. These two inspiring educators taught me the importance of becoming a well-rounded dancer. Their intense training, creative and award winning choreography, and dedication to me and my teammates has helped me achieve so much. I was awarded a scholarship to travel with "Be Discovered" to Los Angeles, California at the age of 12. I am a junior, teen, and senior national title winner, scholarship winner and an award winner for Best Dancer at Applause Rising Talent Showcase (in front of agents from all over the world). I've also been blessed to be working and traveling across the country with Showstoppers as an assistant teacher. My teammates and I have won countless Regional, National and International Championships over the past 15 years and we've been recognized by judges & teachers in the dance industry for our excellent technical training and precision. Miss Tracy is one of the most inspiring, passionate, and well-rounded dance educators I know. She dedicates a lot of her time to all of her students and she reminds me everyday that in order to succeed I must always work hard, never settle, stay humble, and put God first. Being one of Miss Tracy's assistant teachers at Inspiration Dance Academy is the most memorable, and meaningful award I've ever been given. I really appreciate the amount of time she has spent with me to grow into the dancer and choreographer I am today. Thank you Miss Tracy and Miss Jamie for providing excellent dance education in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Acrobatics. Thank you for always believing in me, being tough on me and pushing me to the next level. You taught me that hard work pays off and nothing great comes easy. Your training and choreography has not only helped me become the well-rounded dancer I am today, but it also continues to open doors for me to do what I love. I can't wait to see what God has in store for Miss Tracy Clark and the students at Inspiration Dance Academy! "Destini Acacia
"Tracy Clark has been my daughter’s dance instructor for at least 10 years so Jessica has basically grown up with her. Tracy is enthusiastic and totally dedicated to her students as dancers and as individuals. She is able to see each child’s individual strengths and nurture that growth. She is both a teacher and a mentor to my daughter. Any child studying with Tracy will develop to your child’s best ability and thrive in a nurturing enthusiastic environment. In terms of choreography Tracy is one of the most talented choreographers I have ever met and has the ability to match each student with just the right “fit”. The fact that we moved studio’s to stay with Tracy is a testament to our belief in her. A++"Deborah Smart
"Under Ms. Tracy's tutelage I've watched my child blossom from a beginner dancer to a platinum award winning dancer. She is always challenged to be the best she can be with love and respect, earning qualities she carries over to all aspects of her life. Ms Tracy is an extremely talented teacher and choreographer, and the best role model as well. I would never take my child anywhere else! "Maria Cornejo
"I spent 14 years under the teaching of Jamie Theriot and Tracy Clark. Those 14 years prepared me for the challenges I have faced while dancing for a college dance team. Never in a million years did i think I would be on a collegiate dance team but thanks to ms Jamie and ms tracy, I have continued to improve and succeed because of how I was taught. Moving to a different state for college has allowed me to observe the many different types of dance teachers and studios there are in this world. My experience working with many different people in the dance world has allowed me to understand the necessity of a solid dance background. I am so very grateful that I was brought up in the dance world by two such amazing dance teachers. Not only did Ms. Jamie and Ms. Tracy teach me everything I needed to know as a dancer but they also helped mold me as a person and I am forever thankful for the opportunities I received by being taught by these two wonderful people. It takes a passionate and loving individual to take their passion and pass it on to younger generations and that is why Ms. Tracy Clark will forever be a part of my life no matter where I go! I owe all of my success to her and Ms. Jamie and I couldn't think of a better person to teach dance to the future generations to come. Letting your children learn from Ms. Tracy and all the other teachers at IDA will be the best decision of your life."Morgan Pena
"Ms. Tracy has been teaching dance to my daughter for the last 9 years. Thanks to Ms. Tracy’s time and dedication my daughter is a well-rounded dancer. She receives compliments on her technique where ever she goes. You will not find a more well-rounded studio. Ms. Tracy makes sure her kids excel in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, and acrobatics. We will be forever thankful to Ms. Tracy for all her love and support."Viviana Grunauer
"Our two daughters have been trained by Tracy Clark from young ages, and she has been extremely influential in their lives. Tracy is wholeheartedly dedicated to her students and to the art of dance. She offers her dancers the very best in technical training and innovative choreography. Her teaching develops discipline, character, confidence, and passion, and challenges each dancer to strive for excellence. Above all, Tracy conducts herself with kindness, and with the highest level of personal and professional integrity. We are proud to be a part of her exceptional studio. "Ledean Williams
"My daughter has been fortunate to have Tracy Clark as her dance teacher for the past 10 years. She truly loves her as a teacher and a mentor. Tracy has instructed her in many different genres of dance including jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, rotation, and her favorite tap. She has been her competition dance director and choreographer also for many years. Her competition team has been very successful winning many awards and accolades. Most importantly however is how she makes my daughter feel. She has instilled a great work ethic for her and made her feel successful every year. My daughter knows her best since she is the one who has been in class. She tells me she is very patient and cares about the success of each individual dancer. She takes time with each dancer and does not show favoritism during class. She is tough when needed but always encouraging. She is also fun and really wants everyone to grow and be the best dancer they can be! As a dance mom I have always had a great experience with her and highly recommend her as a teacher and now new studio owner. I wish her the best always and she has always brought out the best in my daughter. "Laura Austria